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Star Trek: Live in Concert is currently touring: for dates and venues, please consult the article.
12 August 2014
Arlene Martel, known for playing T'Pring in TOS: "Amok Time" passed away suddenly at the age of 78. [1]
11 August 2014
Academy Award winning pyrotechnician Joe Viskocil, who worked on Star Trek Nemesis, passed away at the age of 63. [2] In addition, Academy Award winning actor Robin Williams, who was considered for the role of Berlinghoff Rasmussen in TNG: "A Matter of Time"</includeonly, also passed away at the age of 63. [3]
5 August 2014
Veteran make-up artist Michael Westmore revealed he is planning to publish his memoirs, which he has been writing for the past eleven years. [4]

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